3Waves Japan Market Research

Japan is a complex market. With our bilingual and bicultural team we can help you make sense of it. Our team is flexible in their approach yet considered in their recommendations to help localise global studies.

Research findings can be lost in overly complex, text heavy presentations. We provide our clients with highly visual, concisely written, and insightful reporting. We also believe that research should not only be insightful, it should also be fun!

Meet Our Team

Traditional Methodologies with New & Creative Approaches

Ethnographic research forms a big part of what we do providing real insight to our research studies

What we do

We combine traditional methodologies with new and creative approaches
to help clients obtain the deepest insight.

In-Home Immersions

There is no better way to get the deepest insight than observing consumers in the comfort of their own home.

Accompanied Shopping

Understand what really drives consumer’s purchases by observing their in-store behavior first hand.

Online Diaries

Interact with respondents on a platform where ideas and opinions can be shared freely along with videos and pictures.

In-Sit Meets

Hang out with your target audience on their turf to see what they really think of your brand.  There aren’t many places we won’t go!

Some of our past clients include

Bilingual and Bicultural team

Unique perspectives on understanding the many intricacies of the Japanese market