What We Do

Our Approaches

There is no questioning the value of many traditional methodologies. But we also find some of the deepest insight and ‘a-ha’ moments can be gained from employing some more creative approaches outside the facility.

Along with more traditional qualitative methodologies such as in-facility focus groups and in-depth interviews we find the real depth comes from some of the latest and more creative approaches.


In-Home Immersions

There is no better way to get the deepest insight than observing consumers in the comfort of their own home. See how they live and interact with products first hand – we often find their behaviour is very different from how they describe it in the confines of a facility.


Accompanied Shopping

Understand what really drives consumer’s purchases by observing their in-store behaviour first hand. Follow them around and see how in-store advertising, product displays, POS materials, and staff feedback influence their purchase decisions.


Online Diaries

Interact with respondents on a platform where ideas and opinions can be shared freely along with videos and pictures showcasing how consumers really behave. They are perfect in providing rich background within categories in addition to follow up face to face interviews.


In-Sit Meets

We like to get out and see how consumers really behave whether it is jogging in their new running shoes, riding around the streets on their motorbike, or dancing it up in a club with friends. Rather than have them reflect on what connects them to brands in a facility setting, we like to see it first hand and ask them in the moment.


Video Diaries

Video diaries bring respondents to life. While we’ve toyed with the idea of camping out with respondents and observing every minute of their day and how they interact with different products and brands, the idea didn’t really fly. So the next best thing was to have consumers video themselves and commentate on their own behaviour.


Smartphone & Tablet Usability Sessions

Within our usability sessions, video software captures what is happening on the screen (smartphone or tablet) while also capturing the facial expressions of the user and audio – clients are able to observe all of the smartphone interaction in the observation room on split screen monitors. We can do this with one respondent at a time or up to 8 respondents in one focus group session. And the best thing … We can set-up in any venue so projects aren’t confined to often sterile lab type settings.